Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

It is absolutely the best place to celebrate this amazing wedding. In the San Francisco City Hall, the childhood fairy tale dreams come true. The beautiful persian princess walks down the stairs, smiling at the handsome prince... It is just the beginning of a "happily ever after" story~~

Being an iconic wedding venue, the San Francisco City Hall hosts thousands of civil wedding ceremonies each year to the public. This wedding is a very special one though. We have the privilege to photograph and film this private event City Hall wedding: the entire City Hall is closed and decorated for only one wedding of the day. Family and friends celebrate the marriage of Roxy & Rod. What a stunning wedding and fantastic venue! We are so proud to achieve a wedding project in THIS scale!

San Francisco financial district wedding
Ritz Carlton wedding make up mirror refelction
black and white wedding bride in rope
Bride wedding preparation doing makeup
Wedding jewelry and flower macro
bride and bridesmaids in Ritz Carlton hotel room
groom holding Colonel E.H. Taylor bourbon
bridesmaids checking bride's ring
groom and groomsmen in San Francisco City Hall lobby
Groom and Bride with San Francisco city view
Groom waiting for bride first look
City wedding with Cable Car San Francisco
Drumm Street wedding
San Francisco City Hall wedding - Empty Hal
groom and parents walking down aisle
Father walking down the aisle with daughter
Father walking down the aisle with daughter - front shot
Father walking the daughter down the aisle in San Francisco City Hall Stairs
Father unveils the bride
City Hall Persian Iranian wedding Ceremony
Persian Iranian wedding Groom feeds bride honey
traditional Persian iranian wedding
traditional Persian iranian wedding Groom's father officiant
San Francisco City Hall Persian wedding
Bride standing in San Francisco City Hall
Bride and groom standing in San Francisco City Hall
Bride and groom walking out San Francisco City Hall
San Francisco City Hall empty hall before reception
wedding guests taking rest
Persian wedding reception table decoration
grooms and bride walking in reception introduction
First Dance in San Francisco City Hall
Father and daughter Dance in San Francisco City Hall
Bride bouquet tossing behind wedding cake
Cutting wedding cake
big dance party newlyweds and the guests
Money dance bride and bridesmaids
Bride dancing with bridesmaids
guest dancing after party
guest dancing party
Heart shape diamond Wedding engagement ring and wedding band
wedding party with city view background